Oil Mill History

“Doglia Farm” is one of the oldest in Impruneta and for this reason you can find his namein the toponomy of the territory.

In fact the expression << We go to Doglia >> indicates that area of the municipality at the beginning of the provincilal road that leads to Florence passing through Pozzolatico.

It’s right here, surrounded by hills full of olive trees that you can find the homonymous oil mill, located differently from other oil laboratories in a historical tuscany farmhouse where you can breathe all the ancient tradition of this territory.

The name Doglia would have very ancient origin dating back to roman ages, when this piece of land was given to centurion Doglio ( or Doglius) for having shown honor and values in war.

However it was only in Renaissance that the olive tree spread fully in the Tuscan countryside and it was precisely in that moment that Impruneta, thanks to its special clayley soil and its particular exposure, was totally devoted to the cultivation of the olives trees.

Old granito grinders used in the old mill
Extract of accounting book of early 20th century

We have found traces of the oil mill ac tivity since the early 20th century. At that time the owners were the nobles marquises Carrega, a family with ligurian origin who had several property in Impruneta. 

In the historical accounting records of the mill we can deduce that the Impruneta olive oil was considered extremely refined at that times too. In fact  the price of one kg of olive oil was combined with that of one kg of red meat.

The activity reported in those registers, the optimised organisation of the farm and the various settelers who managed differents plots, as well as the testimonies collected in the area through older members of our  community, they make us think that the mill was already fully operational for several years before.

Still today here we produce Extra Virgin olive Oil, but we completely renovated the oil mill and the old grinds were changed with high-tech machines, because we want to obtain the best quality product possible.