Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Everything starts from the ground

The hill of Impruneta has always been devoted to the cultivation of  by olive trees. It’s special clayey soil and his lucky  position produce an environment and a microclimate very suitable for the growth of this plant, protecting the soil humidity and promoting pollination.

These hills are still populated today by the same cultivar planted in 14th century, that found here the perfect environment.

Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino are the more diffused strains, but we can find also Pendolino, Leccio del Corno, Rossellino and the famous Ulivo della Madonna. This kind of olive tree is native of Impruneta and some legends attribute it miraculouse properties.

We believe that to product an High Quality Extravirgin Olive Oil  the raw materials must be the best so we seriousely dedicate ourselves to the responsible management of the land following sustainable and organic agronomic practices, from pruning to fertilization while keeping the natural fertility of the soil intact.

Tghe olive harvest still follows the traditional picking technique: we spread long nets under the trees and we harvest the olives by hand or with simple rakes. In this way we don’t “stress” the plant uselessly as mechanically modern harvesting tecniques do.

The Oil Mill: from Olive to Olive Oil

The harvesting season take place in October and November when the fruits begin to ripen and is slightly anticipated compared to the maturation of the olives in order to preserve the aromatic complex of the oil.

Once picked the olives are transferred to the mill in small perforated containers to mantain and preserve their integrity , and processed within 12 hours.

The completely renovated pressing plant  provides for a continuous cycle processing with a cold extraction that allows a control of  the olive paste oxidation throughout the entire process.

The high-tech machines are managed in full responability by the master oil miller and his heir. In fact, the uman component is essential  to better  control the natural fruits variations that from year to year and during the harvesting season must always be processed in the most optimal way.

We follow all these precautions for a single final purpose: to obtain an extraordinary quality Oil  that preserves the natural flavor contained in the olives  and all the healthy properties of this fruit.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: a condiment or a “medicine”?

Fragrant and tasty, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a medium-intense fruity identify by its sensational freshness and dryness in the mouth.

The bitter and spicy notes are well balanced between them and leave room for a range of vegetal notes.

This Oil is much more than a delicious condiment but a great friend of heart and health in general. Consuming at least 20 gr per day regularly helps to prevent and treat various diseases.

It’s partucularly rich of unsaturated fatty acids (77%), which among the fatty substances are the most active for prevention of cardiovascular disorders, and in particular it abounds in Oleic Acid, a monounsaturated fat that regulates cholesterol levels, increasing the good one and at the same time decresing that bad. Studies show that good quality EVO Oil consumption decreses blood pressure and reduces the chance to have a heart attack by 30%(*).

This Oil is also rich in Polyphenols: these antioxindant substances have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and also protect the integrity of cell membranes, guaranteeing a defense against  formation and development of many type of cancers, expecially breast, colon, ovary and prostate (*).

Polyphenols also protect the oil  itself from the natural oxidizing process that leads to it becoming rancid, so they help to keep its properties unalterated for a longer  time.

Lastly it is a natural source of Vitamin E, the vitamine of beauty, which protects cell membranes from aging processes and of Squalene, effective in fighting skin cancers.

(*)”The purest’s Human friend”, Giacomo Trallori, Nardini Editore