Our Team, Our Family

The Sisters

The Antico Frantoio Doglia is owned by  “Le Morine”,as our grandmother called us, two young sisters who havedecided to change completely  their way bringing forward the family passion: the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Both graduated with honors from the University of Florence, one in Physics (Ughetta), the other in Faunistic Sciences (Malvina), we decided to take over the management of the oil mill by renovating it and equipping it with High-Tech machines.

We believe that to obtain an High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil “the raw material” must be the best so we seriousely dedicate ourselves to the olive groves management, paying attention to “old expert farmers” suggestions but also studying new agronomic practices for an increasingly sustainable management of our lands.

The passion for our territory, for the quality and the affection that binds us to this land are the fundamental ingredients of our oil, made of tradiotion and authentic flavors.

Both of us we dedicate to the management of the groves , but in the oil mill Malvina works in the machinery department learning all the secrets of this job by the old miller, while Ughetta works to the more menagerial aspects.

Mom and Dad

Alberto Torrini begin his career as bricklayer employed by his father who teaches him the job.

In the 90s, thanks to the deep knowledge of his work, the mastery of the art of restoration and to his natural artistic predisposition, Alberto devotes himself body and soul to the restoration of a farmhouse that will become the headquarter of family farm with also a wonderful Agriturismo surrounded by fields and  olives groves.

In the 2000s Alberto decides to take another step forward by taking over management of the Antico Frantoio Doglia  togheter with his wife Monica and with the precious support and guidance of the historical oil miller Alessandro Righi.

Torrini’s family can now boasts an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Excellence which follows throughout the production, from the care of the plants in the field to the processing of fruits and olive oil extraction.

Tireless worker, Monica has always followed her husband’s ambitions. She is the real manager and image of the agritourism and she leaves a mark in every visitor.

Her magical powers in the kitchen are more than ever essentials in the harvesting season: it often happens that at lunch time guests multiply at the table, attracted by perfumes. So Monica inventing, kneading, and recicling, leaves no ones with empty stomach!

This kind of conviviality is our philosophy that make our job more and more light and happy and light.

Lunch time at the oil mill during harvesting season

Alessandro RIGHI- “THE OIL GURU”

Mr. Righi is called “guru” by inhabitants of the area, because everyone knows that he is the most experienced and competent about olive trees and olive oil.

He has almost become one of the family and every year, our guru supports us in the crucial periods of the managing olive groves and oil mill handing down trhe precious secrets of the trade.

Passing of the baton from the old to the new oil miller